Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Innocent Play or Child Pornography?

                                    “… I know it when I see it.” – Justice Potter Stewart

In the December 20, 2013 Law Journal, there is a very interesting case called Matter of CW v. CYR. This case comes from Kings County Family Court (Brooklyn Family Court) and it started on November 20, 2013 when the Administration for Children Services (ACS) filed an emergency petition against parents to remove their 4 children. What happened?
The father lost his Blackberry in April of 2013. The person who picked up the Blackberry found on it pictures of naked children and turned the phone over to the police. The police issued a warrant to search the house and to examine all the computers because allegations were made that the pictures were showing children in sexually explicit poses.
The District Attorney’s office got involved and then involved the ACS, which removed the children. Fortunately, the children were not removed into foster care because there were family members that were willing to take them, but they were removed from the parents.
The parents were upset and did not cooperate too well with the ACS, which made the ACS even more angry, so as a result, there was a full fledged lawsuit in Family court which ended up in a hearing. The issue? The ACS alleged that the parents had sexually explicit photos of their children. In addition, the parents refused to bring the kids to their social worker appointments or forensics and would not speak to the case worker.
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